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Huge muscles, raging hard cock and don’t forget the oil!

Huge muscles, raging hard cock and don’t forget the oil!! Muscled hunks Billy Santoro and Nick Capra are working out their legs together when Nick starts giving Billy shit for using such small weights. After some name calling the two butt heads before they decide to oil up and settle it on the mat. Their cocks are rock hard as they fight for top position, slamming hard to the mat while slipping a finger in the other’s ass and shoving their big cocks in each other’s faces. The loser is made to worship muscle, armpit and feet before taking a vicious pounding from behind. And after being fucked like a little fuck doll, the loser has to lick up every drop of winner’s cum as his just reward.


Leon Fox a new sub endures the brutal hands for Mr Ducati

Leon Fox a new sub endures the brutal hands for Mr Ducati! House Dom Trenton Ducati arrives in the Chain Room to test his new sub, Leon Fox. Trenton begins the session by having the boy clean his leather, grabbing him by the hair and making him rub his tongue on his boots. Trenton grabs a bucket of water and dunks the boy in it while he fucks his ass, making him hold his breath while he endures the rough fucking. Bound with his arms up, Leon takes a relentless flogging and gets Trenton’s cock rammed up his throat. Trenton locks the boy into a brutal ass-up, arms-back position and fucks him one last time. Leon cums with Trenton’s cock in his ass and then receives Trenton’s load on his face.


Top Cock: Sports Gear Smackdown Series – 2 studs fight in sports gear!

Top Cock: Sports Gear Smackdown Series – 2 studs fight in sports gear!! Abel Archer is pissed at his teammate, Connor Halsted, for dropping the game winning pass. The two argue and things get heated, so in full football gear, they go at it. From a three-point stance, shoulder pads clash as they grapple for supremacy. Helmet to helmet they smack ass and try to gain the upper-hand. The fight continues as their cocks swell in their jockstraps and they begin to strip down. With raging hard-ons they grapple naked, making each other suck cock and finger each other’s asses. In the showers the loser of the bout gets back in the pads and fucked. His cock gets hard under his cup as a hard cock gets slid up his ass. After a hard gear fucking the loser takes the winner’s cum on his face and has to lick up his own load off of the ball he dropped during the game.


New sub endures bamboo torture!

New sub endures bamboo torture!! Zane Anders is bound from head to toe with bamboo awaiting his Dom, Jaxton Wheeler. As a newcomer to The House, Zane is eager to please, and Jaxton is just as eager to challenge the boy. With Zane’s hard cock bound to wooden skewers Jaxton works his cockhead with the crop. After leaving the boy covered in crop marks, Jaxton allows his sub to worship his leather boots and choke on his cock. Jaxton ties Zane to a wooden archway leaving him exposed and vulnerable to a heavy flogging. Zane takes the wailing very well and maintains a hard cock. Now with his ass red Zane has it fucked by his Dominant. Jaxton fucks a load out of his sub and the covers Zane’s ball gag with his own cum.


Top Cock: BDSM Series – Eli Hunter and Scott Harbor Take it to the Mat

Top Cock: BDSM Series – Eli Hunter and Scott Harbor Take it to the Mat! After his team won the wrestling match, Scott Harbor relaxes in the sauna before his teammate, Eli Hunter, comes in to join him. Despite their team winning, Eli doesn’t think Scott’s form is up to snuff. The two butt heads and decide to settle their fight on Top Cock. Their hard cocks hang between their legs as they slam each other to the mat, grappling to be the man who comes out on top. The loser finds himself face down ass up with his hands bound to his feet and his mouth duct taped shut as the winner tenderizes his ass with the riding crop. To continue his punishment, the loser gets fucked from both ends and gets tormented with the flogger while blowing his hot load all over the mat.


Bound gods often a sadist

Gay slaves, of course Anastas falls for Christian from the first minute he sees him, together with some inexplicable reason younger crowd feels the identical, though initially he’s other plans on her behalf. It does not require much time for him expressing his feelings to him and  gay slaves. Bound gods  The only problem is perfect Christian is often a sadist and the man wants her to sign a lawful contract, that will enable him to get her master and do whatever he wants along with him. Did i have faith that problem? Not for Anastas! In the name of love, the situation is all permitted, i reckon that. In the first week of such relationship, he introduces her to his mother, he buys her a blackberry, a macbook, a motor vehicle and a high grade ticket. During the second week he meets his mother through the end with this particular week the partnership is finished, because Anastas involves his senses (which do not continue for long though). For this kind of videos go to Bound gods or BDSM BOYS

Unwilling Onyx Recruit Mike Gaite – The Onyx & The Redz Series

Unwilling Onyx Recruit Mike Gaite – The Onyx & The Redz Series! Adam Herst descends upon unsuspecting Onyx recruit Mike Gaite, lost in a dark alley. He chains him to a concrete wall and beats him with a crop, commanding his muscled captives obedience, then strips his clothes and sucks his thick cock even as Mike begs him to stop. Adams new recruit finds himself bent over a trash can with his arms chained behind his back and his shirt wadded into a gag in his mouth, as Adam fucks his solid ass. Adam then binds his recruit in belts and flogs him while making him suck his perfect cock. Mikes then suspended and fucked, and finally blows his hot load while getting plowed over a cage that will eventually be his prison. Adam completes his recruits initiation by shooting his huge load on his face and making him suck it clean.


TOP COCK: Fight for the title of “Team Captain”

TOP COCK: Fight for the title of “Team Captain”! Rylan Knox is getting shit from his team captain, Brendan Patrick, after Rylan lost them the wrestling match. When push comes to shove, the two decide to battle it out to determine who should be the REAL team captain. Both studs strip down naked, grappling while shoving their hard cocks in each other’s faces and fingering their assholes to gain position. After the match, the loser is made to swallow cock and worship ass before he’s slammed down onto the mat and flipped over for his ass to get good and fucked. The winner plunges his cock deep in the loser’s ass before covering his face in cum. Top Cock is a new format we’re trying out for 2015, please leave a comment and tell us what you think! Happy New Year!


House dom Trenton Ducati brutally fucks the new slave boy

House dom Trenton Ducati brutally fucks the new slave boy! House dom Trenton Ducati walks up to Joseph Rough, chained to the wall awaiting his master. Mr Ducati torments the boy’s uncut cock and his tender nipples before shoving Joseph’s head down to swallow cock. Bound on stilts the boy is punished with the flogger as he struggles to keep his balance before clothespins pinch all down his torso. With his feet up in the air Joseph presents his ass for Trenton as his giant hard cock plunges deep into the boy’s hole. After making him eat his own cum, Mr Ducati rewards his boy with more cum all over his face.